A good picture is worth a many words as it says about human condition and amazingly hit the heartbeat of viewers. However, a picture contains emotions and feelings so as to convey the message about life. Like, for spreading awareness regarding  humanity, many organisations are doing this by spreading antismoking ads. This is the magic of pictures and now, we brought up most powerful pictures of 2014. While viewing these pictures, may be one can either feel good or bad. These pictures are showing the reality and exact feeling of when a person feels happy or sad, sometimes painfully.

Most powerful pictures

Pictures can be work as mirror for a person like NGOs also used this method for conveying their message as like with powerful animal ad campaigns to let us know about how we can help to animals. Actually it’s a magic of picture’s message. The reality is powerful picture is actually a powerful moment which epitomizes the feelings on humanity.

What is most powerful picture:
Actually, powerful picture does not mean that a picture have something dashing or stunning. There is a touching thought behind every picture and that’s how a picture comes in most powerful niche. And as in daily life, enormous things happen with humans and it could be any disaster, flood or the most memorable moment of one’s life. And capturing that moment of overwhelming expression makes a picture power so that whenever people look at picture
they do have the same feeling.

For example, if a lover wants to impress his/her partner (who loves long drive) with just a picture then by setting romantic long road wallpaper will surely do so.

Positive and negative powerful pictures:
Positive powerful pictures are captured moments of happiness or we can say that crying moment of a mother when she met her daughter after seven years. And the moment when a mother hugs her daughter, need to be captured. And that’s how watching such sort of picture may brighten up smile and spark up the loveable feelings for mother.

Here, negative powerful pictures may let anyone cry or upset the mood. But when it comes to capture a real moment like of because of massive earth quake houses broke down and everything blown away and leaves nothing behind. And at that moment, the guy who lost everything related to him/her, either family or house, sits on road and cry badly. And yes, this is worse condition to watch this view in real. But a photographer does it with hard heart.

What we can learn by viewing most powerful pictures:
However, it’s about feeling the same exact situation that’s how one can realize the importance of loved ones because a picture can spark a fear in heart of losing. And, as we all know nature have its own rules and nobody knows what and why does the god creates such situation. But instead of thinking about this, one thing that we have learnt that in life whatever is happening, there must be love and happiness in humanity. So, that’s how one can decrease the pain and increase the happiness, just with sharing with each other.

Have you ever thought of how did a photographer captured these sensible moments? Yes, this question might stick in one’s mind but the truth is a photographer does it for humanity. However, by sharing these most powerful pictures of 2014, we are hoping that if there are any other more pictures you want to share with us, please feel free to speak up!!