Great White Shark

A huge fish with a blue-grey dorsal and a white belly is none other than the great white shark. These beautiful fishes can be found in almost all the oceans except the polar sea. Out of 400 known shark species, great white are the largest predatory fish in the sea. Their ancestry is more than 400 million years, which makes them older than dinosaurs. They have devastating triangular teeth which could number in thousands that is undoubtedly very scary. They look stunning with their large pointed teeth. Most of us are feared from sharks due to the movies in which they are mainly shown as man hunters, but the fact is that, they rarely attack humans. And most of the times these attacks are not fatal as well. As they releases their victim after having a small mistaken bite. Since the human does not have as much fats as required by the sharks. They are responsible for about one third to one and a half attacks out of 100 attacks made by the sharks all around the world on humans.

Sea lions, turtles, other sharks, dolphins, carrion, seals and small toothed whales are their main prey. After having a good deal of feast, it takes them at least 3 months to look for another meal. They use different tactics to catch different victims. They attack very intelligently and quickly. Like whales, they can breach out of the water for as long as 2 minutes to catch their prey.  Fishes could be caught simply by chasing and seals could be caught by attacking from below. Sharks don’t chew their food; rather swallow them as a whole. The moment it hunts is an incredible instant and worth watching.

Unlike humans, they are blessed with six senses. They can see, smell, hear, touch, taste and have an amazing sense of electro-reception. The receptors that are positioned on the head and snout area allow the shark to detect even the faintest of the electrical field. They protect their eyes by rolling them back as they don’t have eyelids. Not only they can see at day and night but can also see color. In addition to great vision, these predators have a great sense of smell too. They can smell one drop of blood in a million parts of water. Seal colony even at a distance of 2 miles could be smelled by them. Having taste buds inside their mouth and throat helps them to select their favorite food. As they are unable to produce sounds. They take the help of their sense of smell and body language to communicate with each other. These all six sense make them distinct from all others.

White Sharks look extremely nice while travelling with a group of small fishes. In one of the picture the photographer has very beautifully captured a great white shark in sunset. It seems to be an aero plane with full flight flying in the sky. The background effect is tremendous and attention grabbing. When it opens its mouth to catch its victim the gums can be seen, this is in fact an amazing photo shoot of a great white shark.